Work remotely.
Side by side.

A virtual office for distributed teams.

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1. Create your office

It takes 2 minutes.

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2. Invite your teammate

Open your doors to your co-workers.

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3. Enjoy better collaboration!

Discover a new way to work together.

Everyone around the world,
but all in the same room.

Enjoy the benefit of real-time communication, like you were at the office.

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Audio & Video Chat

Synchronous communication is as important as asynchronous one. We made it real for your team & smooth.

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Specific rooms according to your needs

An open space to work all together, a conference room for big presentations, a lounge for small breaks, and more. Your office, brought at home.

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Better collaboration

Sometimes, remote work can create friction. It happens, and it's ok. Using Knock, your co-workers will all collaborate as they were at the office, breaking barriers created by remote. For the sake of the company.

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Better connections

Remote work can bring loneliness and it can be hard to connect between co-workers. Instant & quick audio chat will help your people (re)connect with each others. Just grab a coffee, talk and enjoy.

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Better productivity

Less friction leads to better flows & processes, which lead to a better productivity. You don't need to trust your team when results are here. Trust comes to you.


An efficient remote team.
So you can focus on what you do best.

You have a business to run. People to manage. Stop worring about processes & flows. Keep a high level of delivery.






Hours spent at the office

Fair, simple pricing for all.

Don't forget: We offer a 14 days trial period, because we are sure you will love it.

$ 9 /mo

per seat

14 days free trial

Currently in beta

Enjoy all the features

Built with you and for you

Request access

Big companies

We offer variable pricing with discounts for larger organizations. Get in touch with us and we’ll figure out something that works for everyone.

Contact us

Why do I have to request access?

We are still in beta. We select our users based on their profiles in order to make our product better.


How long before to get an invite?

It depends on your profile. It can take days like weeks, according if your company profile fits what we are looking for.


Which profiles do you consider first?

It depends on what we want to learn. If you are less than 20 teammates, you can hope to receive an invite soon. But if you are a big company, it's better to contact us first.


When do you expect to open to everyone?

When we'll make our product so good that you can't stop using it :)

Get started

Like at the office, at home.

Give the right tool to your distributed team.

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