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A virtual office for better

Break the remote work boundaries ⚡️
See, talk, share and work in real-time with your distributed teammates.

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1. Create your office

It's free and it takes 2 minutes.

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2. Invite your teammates

Open your doors to your co-workers.

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3. Enjoy better collaboration!

Discover a new way to work together. Smooth. More human.

Everyone around the world,
but all

Enjoy real-time communication benefits, as you were at the office.

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Spontaneous Conversations

Quickly unblock a situation having quick & smooth chats with your coworkers.

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Get things done

Work silently in the open space or join a private room with some of your teammates in 1-click to focus & achieve an important goal.

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Better collaboration

Sometimes, remote work can create friction. It happens, and it's ok. Using Knock, your co-workers will all collaborate as they were at the office, breaking barriers created by remote. For the sake of the company.

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Better connections

Remote work can bring loneliness and it can be hard to connect between co-workers. Instant & quick audio chat will help your people (re)connect with each others. Just grab a coffee, talk and enjoy.

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Better productivity

Less friction leads to better flows & processes, which lead to a better productivity. You don't need to trust your team when results are here. Trust comes to you.


An efficient remote team.
So you can focus on what you do best.

You have a business to run. People to manage. Stop worring about processes & flows. Keep a high level of delivery.






Hours spent at the office

Fair, simple pricing for all.

Yes, it's totally free.

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100% free

Audio & Video Chat

Share your screen

Written Chat per Room

Private conversations

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Why is it free?

We're still in beta. We decided to offer our product for free to help people go through Covid-19.


Is it for me?

If you and your team are working remotely to go through Covid-19, welcome onboard. If you are still working in an office, you should pass.

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Virtual offices meet web3

Web3 is the new trend. How web3 can solve your remote issues?

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