How to beat distractions?

My biggest problem when I started to work remotely? All these distractions... 🤪


Netflix, PlayStation 4, Anime and Manga, Piano, Twitch, spending hours on Reddit or Twitter. These are all threats when it comes to my productivity.

Are you productive?
Not me...

Like many 30-somethings, my maturity level is very low when I'm on my own. Lacking my parents' innate sense of responsibility, I had to find workable solutions.

My two main opponents: hobbies and social media

The early months were tough.

I read all the clichés stories on the topic with their solutions from The Valley: Functionnal music, Pomodoro method, meditation...

Obviously, nothing has worked.

Don’t use it. Blow it off to relax.

To succeed, I followed a rule that seems to be counterproductive with my main objective (productivity).


So I allowed myself to take extended lunch breaks to satisfy my desires. Get some headshots on Counter-Strike Global Offensive at 1 pm? Let's go!

That's how I managed to separate the time I'm productive from the time I need to take a break. Before and after that moment, those were clearly the periods when I was the most productive.

The other issue was my obsession with social networks or real-time news. A natural bias from my former work as a journalist.

I used a completely different approach here: scheduling.

Every morning I gave myself a maximum of 45 minutes on Twitter, Reddit and 2 or 3 selected news sites. What if I didn't keep my commitment? No fun time...

It sounds like a parenting lesson. But it worked.

Me, myself & I
Me, myself and I

If I waste any time, if I'm less productive, it's at the sacrifice of the two people who matter the most to me: my wife and my child.

I don't have any choice here.

But don't wait until you're in this position to get your act together. The downfall could be hard.

Peace! ✌️


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