My decent remote work day

Many people imagine remote workers’ day as a succession of hobbies. This is not what remote work is.


Many people imagine remote workers’ day as a succession of hobbies. Best case scenario? A few emails would be sent among those PlayStation 4 gaming sessions or binge-watching on Netflix...

Busy remote work day
A busy remote work day according to some people

But you are not like these people. You don't have these clichés in mind. You just want to know what a day in the life of a remote worker looks like.

So, welcome to my world.

Who the hell am I?

The past months were tough.

I'm a man in my thirties, living in the beloved or hated country of France. South East Asia is only a sweet memory since I had my first child last year.

Busy busy busy
My life for the past few months

Another important data: I'm able to work & live remotely writing content for French media and brands.

Keep in mind, there is no such thing as a regular day for a remote worker.

Stop taking too seriously all the routines that might exist on the trendy blogs of some big remote work companies: maximize your productivity, morning routine, perfect day...

You're here to get a testimonial from a remote worker who thinks he knows what he's doing. You'll get it.

If you guys are time freaks, here is my schedule

So here's my day which could be described as productive enough. Be aware: that's what works for me, it may not work for you.

How I spend remote work day
How I spend my remote work day
  • 6/7 am: waking up without waking up. Not that I think I'm a sleep guru, but my son makes the decisions here.
  • Until 8 am: Time to build some good memories with my child.
  • 8 to 9 am: Benchmark, email and best reads (blog, news, trends) to start work with the simplest tasks because my brain is just not ready yet.
  • 9 to 12 am: Deep dive missions! This is definitely the most efficient hours for me, like many of us. Usually, I write as many content as I can.
  • Until 3 pm: Lunchtime and hanging with my son and my girlfriend. This long break allows me to refill my batteries for the second part of the day. It also allows my partner to take a break during those days when she has to feed and stimulates the baby.
  • 3 to 4 pm: If I have enough time, I focus on copywriting, improving my English, content strategy and creation.
  • 4 to 5.30 pm: It depends on the day. If my deadlines are close, I double my energy on some important missions. But this is often the opportunity to do time-consuming but not too challenging tasks: proofreading, editing, feedbacks, content proposal, business development...
  • 5.30 to 6 pm: End of the day, which means the most unproductive but still useful moment. I started my day by replying to my emails, I often end it by doing the same. It allows me to be reactive on the asynchronous communication tools without checking them every minute. Some paperwork often happens in this timeframe.

Your productivity is more important than the number of hours you work...

My days are finally quite long (7 hours) for a remote worker but in actual productive hours, we're around 5 a day. Which is always more than the basic office employee.

Productivity first
Office workers right now

Once I'm done, it's really over. Wi-Fi off, enough screen for the day, time to enjoy my people.

I wanted to sound unconventional at the beginning of this post, but am I after all?

Mind you, each day is definitely different and I have to keep adapting. This example is just a patchwork. I can see a pattern emerging and perhaps I'm getting a little closer to some remote workers.

This is the flawless organization, almost military in some aspects. Your old job often implanted this into your brain unconsciously, with your breakfast, your commute, your weekly meeting, and your repetitive missions.

If it doesn't matter how many hours you work each day, only what you actually accomplish is important. So you have to make up rituals to keep you focused on what you're doing. Few people are capable of functioning completely freely. I have too many examples around me of freelancers who do nothing for days and then work 15 hours in a row to deliver their draft.

Get yourself in shape, that's the only advice I'm giving you.

Peace! ✌️


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