The Reason Why Companies Go Remote

Spoiler alert: it's about people.


Remote companies, distributed teams, or whatever you want to call them. They are the Future of Work. I'm not the only one to say that. All the inspirational stories about work you can now read in the mainstream media say that too.

Are they right?

As I've taken the remote path for a few years now, I can't really argue with them. I'm a real Swiss Army Knife of remote work for having experienced it as a freelancer, a company founder, and an employee.

So I can share with you a fair opinion.

Ask yourself why

If you want to chose the remote way of life for your company, this is the first thing you should do. Ask yourself:


It's impossible to go further if you don't answer this simple question. By the way, it's actually also relevant to your personal life. You must always know the reasons behind your actions to come, otherwise, your successes or failures will be worthless.

Don’t be Fry. Don’t pretend to think.

So… Why?

Here are some random reasons among others: reduce cost, increase your talent pool, have a better internal process, possess a great corporate culture, give more benefits to your employees.

According to me, the reason why companies choose to go remote is simple: it's about PEOPLE. Yes, even for Karen.

Employees, colleagues, managers, founders...I don't care about their labels or positions, what I care is that this people will determine the success of the company. Remote work or not.

Even if remote work looks like the best solution of course. Indeed:

  • Remote work gives you access to more talents: the world is your limit.
  • Remotes workers are more productive.
  • Remotes workers are more loyal..

At the end, everyone is happier.

It sounds like a political speech. But it may be the first one to be true.

Talent pool, productivity, loyalty, happiness

Better than words, let me show you some data.

The first subject of the study is obviously myself. The question is simple: has remote work been positive for the success of my career and my personal life?

Yes but in yellow

The conclusion is straight forward. You can now upgrade your company to a remote one.

No kidding, remote work has definitely changed my life by offering me a better work/life balance, allowing me to spend more time with my family.

But let's come back to our main topic. You're here for some reliable data. So here it is.

What remote workers think about their condition?

Of course, it's not always easy:

  • The language you speak will not allow you to access all the world's talents.
  • Loyalty will be strengthened by your company’s values and a strong work ethic.
  • Productivity will be the top issue for many managers. Few people are still used to dealing with the distractions of working at home.
  • Nowadays, remote workers have high positions and excellent wages. It's easier to be happy in these conditions.

One last thing!

What are the most important benefits to work remotely, according to remote workers?

State of Remote Work 2019
State of Remote Work 2019 by Buffer

Now you're ready for a long brainstorm. This "Why" is only the first step towards a remote work company. Tools are available to help you, based on the Lean Canvas, to question you on all the essential topics before launching your remote company.

The Remote Team Canvas is the perfect one to start.

Peace! ✌️


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